Music Survey

Please help us learn about how you react to our music.

While listening to a Hip Pocket song, you'll click buttons labelled from "sucks" to "great" rating how you're enjoying the song. Click frequently: at least once every four beats. "sucks" means you don't particularly like what you hear, "great" means it's as good as it gets. Feel free to click the same button many times in a row. Do click often. Do react instantly to notes as they occur. If you're thinking something might be sucking, click immediately, you will click on a higher score if it doesn't actually crash and burn a second later. Your knee-jerk reaction is what's important.

You'll need a song to review. Download a song from the album below. (Right click on a song title, "Save as...")

Hip Pocket's CD of original songs

1.Pigsaw Juzzle
2.Upper Market
5.Les Is Moore
6.Head To Head
7.No Blues For Dave
8.Downstairs Waltz


The title of the song I'm about to evaluate is:

I play jazz professionally.


on television these days.

While listening to the song, you'll be clicking the buttons below "Rate it!" repeatedly and frequently.

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Starving gnomes trained to convert your valuable commentary in pie charts and bar graphs will fold, spindle, and mutilate your music survey.

Thanks for your support. We'll publish the collated, anonymous results here at some point.